It was really uplifting and healing experience, it helped me cure my back pain, I feel great now and don’t have any pain since I had the treatment! I am grateful for the help.

Vicky Krieps

Actress Luxembourg

Treating Neck & Shoulder Pain at West London Osteopathy, Acupuncture Clinic

Treating Low Back Pain at West London Osteopathy, Acupuncture Clinic

I can only describe my experience as the best acupunture treatment I have received. None of the other clinics

I've been to previously can compare. My symptoms have been alleviated. I'm also very grateful to have received my treatments from a gifted healer. The treatment rooms are comfortable and relaxing. Would definetly recommend..

Kumara Sampson

Charity Worker

I visited the clinic in mid 2012, with fertility issues. I'd been trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years and was feeling quite helpless and distressed. I thought I would give acupuncture a try and within 4 months I fell pregnant! The service and counselling Tina gave me were fantastic and I really appreciated her advice as a doctor and friend. I started off being very cynical about alternative holistic therapy but am now a complete convert. Tina gave me nutritional and health advice as well as the acupuncture sessions, and most importantly just listened and comforted me when I got more and more depressed about everyone falling pregnant around me...except me. Tina never doubted I would get pregnant and I truly believe that the pregnancy is down to her. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone.

Priya Madina


Booked in to see Nillie this Saturday and wow what a difference she has made already. She explained everything very clearly and spotted by problems straight away. I've booked in for more sessions to help combat my neck, back and shoulder pain. Although painful I'm looking forward to my next session and to walking 2 inches taller by the end of my treatment. Thanks again Nillie.

Naomi Hancocks

TV Producer

Treating Back & Shoulder Pain at West London Osteopathy, Acupuncture Clinic

Treating Knee Pain at West London Osteopathy, Acupuncture Clinic

Nillie Teymouri went out of her way to accommodate me during my short time in Singapore to treat my lower back pain. I had 5 sessions with her and she carried out various modality treatments. She also gave me various exercises to do. I was pleasantly surprised how effective the treatment was and on my return to Canada, my back pain has improved a lot. I am looking forward to seeing Nillie on my return to continue my treatment and hopefully make a full recovery.

James Grant

Shipping Canada

“After years of chronic back pain with several visits to A&E and extensive treatments from physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health professionals I had begun to give up hope. Then my wife found Nillie, who was personable, understanding and most importantly took time to understand the problem. After a combination of treatments my back feels better than it has for years and I regularly visit the clinic for some maintenance and a good laugh with the proprietor. Nillie’s so good that she is now trying to induce my first child!”

Mr Fraser Booth

Investment Manager

I first visited Nillie's clinic in November 2011 with chronic shoulder and upper arm pain. I'd been suffered for sometime without diagnosis from GP or even the hospital and I was, frankly, desperate to ease the pain. Nillie immediately diagnosed severe tendonitis and treated me with a combination of acupuncture and osteopathy. Within 6 weeks I went from being barely able to move my right arm to being pain free!! I have visited regularly ever since for treatments and Nillie has done a fantastic job in easing other stress related back problems. Nillie's positive and enthusiastic attitude really helped to convince me that getting (and staying!) pain free was totally acheivable. She has also provided me with exercises to keep everything working between appointments. Highly recommended!!!

Lucy McKean

Director Chiswick

Treating Chronic Neck & Back Pain at West London Osteopathy, Acupuncture Clinic

Treating Chronic Pain at West London Osteopathy, Acupuncture Clinic

“I had issues with a badly sprained ankle and it's improving after two sessions with Dr Nillie..

Hui Tze Lim


“I have had the pleasure, of being treated by Nillie at the West London Clinic in Chiswick Lane. I am always guaranteed a warm welcome and expert attention. Whether I am being treated for my shoulder, neck problem, or for a more indulgent beauty therapy treatment, Nillie clearly knows her stuff and enjoys her work. Her choice of treatments is extensive, always up to date with the latest trends and treatments, and all carried out to the highest standards. Whether you want to feel better, look good or just relax and be pampered, I would recommend you try the West London Clinic.”

Mrs Wendy Nofal

Local Government Leasehold Manager

“I went to see Nilly 3 days after the onset of the symptoms of Bell's palsy . She was very positive and confident that she could treat the condition and achieve results within a short period of time. I was treated with needles to which electrodes were attached, and an electrical current applied. After only two sessions I regained some limited movement in my face, with comprehensive movement being restored in three weeks. I was ecstatic with this result as the thought of suffering this complaint for months was appalling. Thanks again Nillie!.”

Anna Garrido

Biomedical ScientistLondon

“I have finished my physio after having my an arthroscopy done which severe damage to the meniscus was repaired. My surgeon referred me to Nillie who was great to keep me right week after week with what I needed to do. She is very professional and focused that I managed to get rid of the crutches after the first vi sit. She stopped me doing the things I shouldn't be doing too! Making a quicker recovery than most and back hurling again after 5 months. Delighted with it."

Sherif Okba

Engineering Manager Abu Dhabi

“After trying to conceive for a couple of years with a few miscarriages along the way. I visited Tina for some fertility acupuncture. Feeling a bit deflated with it all, Tina really set me at ease from my first visit. I was so worried that my body was not up to it and Tina was quick to reassure me that it was and just needed a few tweaks to balance things out. She was confident I would be pregnant very soon and after not so many treatments I was. Having had acupuncture by other practitioners, it felt nothing like the way it did with Tina. She has such a lovely energy and it really felt instantly like she was balancing things out for me. After finding out I was pregnant I felt really confident that it was a healthy pregnancy which it was and we now have our beautiful baby girl. I can’t thank Tina enough for her help. I truly believe if I hadn’t have seen her when I did I wouldn’t be in this situation now. What a great acupuncturist....her knowledge of how the body works, her warmth and energy really made every visit a lovely experience with such a lovely outcome..”

Joanne Barr

Airline Cabin Crew

“I was suffering with a trapped nerve in my neck and associated pain in my upper back which was causing me incredible discomfort. Having been to other osteopaths and physiotherapists, the pain had only got worse not better and when I contacted Nillie, I was in agony. The treatment I received from Nille was so effective, the pain eased up within a matter of hours and it wasn’t long before I was feeling human again. Nillie is clearly a very experienced osteopath who knows exactly how to find the root of the issue and cure it quickly and effectively. I’m absolutely thrilled to have found Nillie and of course I’ll be a patient for life.”

Adrian Perkins

Michaelis Boyd Associates

I was in quite a lot of pain before I discovered this place. It has been thee best place I've ever been to and I've had my fair share of chiropractors, Osteopath's and physio's in the past. Nillie works magic. Highly recommended.”

Nina MacLeod

Broadcast Journalis

Tina is absolutely fantastic Very welcoming and knowledgeable in this field. Warm and friendly and made me feel so relaxed, I have been suffering with chronic pain for so long. Tina has really helped ease the pain. Will definitely continue my sessions here. Thank you so much x.”

Emma West


I highly recommend Nillie after trying numerous unsuccessful visits to osteopaths across London. I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain following a career in professional showjumping. Nillie's extensive knowledge in the science of the body made me comfortable that i was in safe hands from the very beginning. After just one session i could already feel how effective the combination of treatment had been. In just 3 sessions she was able to fix me in a way that no one had achieved in years! I return to the clinic for maintenance and continue to appreciate Nillie's expertise combined with her friendly approach which is second to none.”

Alice Basey Fisher

Show Jumper

“I first met Nillie almost year ago. I had very strong headaches since 2 years and after seen doctors, done some tests, MRI, took migraines pills, I didn't know what could help. I was desperate and crying of pain, until I met Nillie She treated my headaches and after few sessions, they totally disappear! It was like magic! She also helped me to relax and trust in her practice. She was so kind and so helpful, I cannot say how much I can thanks her for taking the headache away. I don't take any more medicine and no more headache! After I met Tina, because my husband and me were trying to conceive, but my cycles were very long and irregular. Tina helped me to regulate my hormones and gave me balance in my body. All was better so I decided to stop the treatment and I felt pregnant but sadly had a miscarriage before 3 months. We tried again for months my husband but nothing came, we did fertility treatment but nothing came, it was very hard morally. Until the day I decided to go back to see Nillie and Tina. I cried and asked for their help, I needed moral support. Both were great, listened and reassured me and Tina started her treatment on me for pregnancy. After 5 sessions, the magic happens again...I am now 6 weeks pregnant:) we are so happy and today we did a scan which showed the pulsations of our little baby ( we didn't see it in the first pregnancy); I will continue to see Tina during my pregnancy, she helps me to relax, gives me a lot of reassurance and provides me a lot of personal support. I am bless to have met Nillie and Tina and truly believe in their practice. Both are like my angels fro me:).”

Ms. Servane Dudler

Head HR Kensington

I first found Nillie following a bout of acute back pain two days before Christmas 2007 when my existing osteopath had left for holiday. I "googled" osteopaths in Chiswick, and she looked as good as any, what a fortuitous thing that was. I have been with Nillie on an every-three-week basis since the end of 2007, during which time I have had treatment for regular back tune ups, naturopathic remedies, dietary needs. During the last two years I have had annual bouts with acute back pain caused by everyday life. Nillie always manages to return my back to normal proper health with a couple of treatments. When the pain begins, getting out of bed is a 10 minute ordeal. Nillie is truly a miracle worker that utilizes numerous methods and techniques to correct any and all ailments. Nillie's ability to return oneself to a pain-free situation is clearly hugely important. What I did not realize when I first started to see Nillie is that it would always a pleasure to see and be treated by her. She is a very upbeat, optimistic person, capable of bringing anybody out of a bout of self-pity, and has become a good friend who knows my wife and children. I would follow Nillie if she ever left Chiswick. She is completely indispensable, irreplaceable in every way. I am looking forward to seeing her in the next two weeks.”

“Bret Marty

Citigroup Global Markets Ltd

I'd endured over a year of severe pain before I found Nillie, and boy was I glad I did! I'd seen a chiropractor for almost twelve months prior, but no amount of manipulation seemed to stop the pain in my neck, shoulder and down my right arm. Within two visits to Nillie, the pain had subsided enormously and within four visits I was pain free for days on end. I decided to proceed with an operation to free the trapped nerve in my neck and reduce swelling caused by arthritis. However, I went back to Nillie as soon as I could. It's been more than a year since my op and although it's now much better, I still visit Nillie on a regular basiss, as she ensures the pain remains at bay. She is a miracle worker, truly gifted and very personable and I thank my lucky stars for the day I stumbled across her website .”

Vanessa Canzini

DirectoreBay ( UK ) Ltd

“I first visited Nillie a week after finishing an 11 day, 1100 mile cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats as I had a lot of pain in my knees, which had not eased since the end of the ride. Nillie diagnosed the problem as inflammation of the iliotibial band and after two sessions of treatment, she cured the problem completely.”

Philip Weston

Kelso Place Asset Management

I've had pain in my right knee the past few months, probably caused by cardio and working out. Growing up, I've always turned to TCM and acupuncture for sprains and injuries, and likewise, for this, I went for a few sessions but wasn't seeing the results. The injury caused me a lot of inconvenience as I wasn't able to be as active. I was blown away on the first visit. Dr Nillie could quickly diagnose and find out what the issue was. She also took the time to explain to me in simple terms which allowed me to understand what was going on. After the first treatment, my knee was significantly better, and I was able to walk more freely than the past few weeks. Went for my second consultation today and I could feel the vast difference right after. I'm so happy and grateful for Nillie’s help, and I'm already looking forward to the next visit!

Yuyi Heng

Senior at Dell EMC

I first visited Nillie's clinic in 2011 with chronic lower back pain. Nillie treated me with a combination of acupuncture and osteopathy and got me back on my feet in no time. I have visited regularly ever since for treatments and my back has remained in great shape. Nillie has a lovely manner and has really got to grips with the root causes of my back pain. She has also provided me with exercises etc to keep myself in shape. Highly recommended .”

Matthew J Brown

Director Chiswick

Determined, professional, forward thinking, friendly and effective –but enough about me– Nillie is quite simply the best back pain specialist I've ever met. I find Nillie very professional yet approachable in nature and she explains the treatments very well. She allows me to have input into my treatment and not make me feel as if I'm just passing through a machine. She has a determination and personal pride in her treatment that I've never encountered in 15 years of treatment elsewhere .”

Peter Hale

Art Director

My first visit to The West London clinic was a very welcome experience. I was unable to walk with agonizing muscular spasms and was desperate for relief from the pain. By the end of the first treatment I was able to walk out of the clinic which is incredible considering how I arrived. After a follow up session the pain had almost completely gone. The clinic uses a very unique technique with amazing results and I highly recommend treatment at the West London Clinic. I now have a treatment every month, as a top up and have had no problems since .”

Matthew Eades

Fashion Photographer

Nillie knows her stuff, not only does she deals with the symptoms but also the cause, and in a style like she's your best friend. Thanks Nillie!

David Hallett

Director Global Seminars London

I first attended the Clinic in 2007 with Chronic sport injuries related to Marathon Running, over the year persistent problems lower back ache, runners Knee, acute muscular injuries have been treated with various alternative medicine from Traditional Chinese medicine Acupuncture combined with western alternatives Needling, Osteopathy & Heat Therapy at the Clinic giving much pain relief and allowing recovery time to be speeded up. I also had assistance with Skin Therapy and Herbal medicine to aid recovery. I feel very confident with the therapy and advice provided and have benefited greatly from the results. As a client the service is both Professional & Friendly which instills confidence in the Client's perception of the Clinic.

Theresa Hipwell

NHS Nurse

t's a nice relaxing environment. I had lots of tension in my shoulder and neck, and even from the first appointment I felt improvements which just got better after the second appointment.”

Elliot Corner


My neck and back symptoms started to ease after my first treatment, A friend recommended Nillie and I decided to try it. It was amazing! Nillie had sorted out so many health issues that I had lived with believing them to be normal. Her approach is very warm, insightful and highly intelligent and she is highly recommended .”

Margaret Stevens

Retired teacher

“I will start with "Nillie saved me", and I mean this quite literally. Both Nillie and Tina have helped me since in any number of ways with 100% exceptional results. It started when my back went, I couldn't move and was in excruciating pain, it was so bad I was unable to think, sleep or do basic things in life, walking properly without sever pain being one of the biggest burdens. After seeing a world leading chiropractor with 'NASA type' technology to assess the state of my back and correct my injury nothing happened. I simply kept getting worse. Unable to walk upright, handle the pain or get any support from the NHS I found Nillie. At this point I had been told by Dr's that I would never properly walk again and should start adjusting my life to this fact. Through a series of treatments and osteopathic manipulation sessions Nillie had started my recovery. Once I was well enough and able to main a walking position Tina then followed on this support with Phyiso therapy. I was walking again, I was able to do 'normal' every day things and start to get on with my life. Nillie even helped me work out which chair my employers should get to help me in the office as ever Nillie and Tina go above and beyond. When someone saves you like this, its easy to trust them, I continued to get other services from all with outstanding results. If they say they can do it they can. I owe these ladies a lot and have recommended friends who all have the same experience, no exceptions .”

Nicola Greenwood

HSBC Global Transformation Lead

I have been seeing Nille since 2009 and would highly recommend her to anyone for anything from physical issues to beauty advice! Nillie has helped me with balancing hormones related to PCOS as well as the pain of endometriosis. We have used acupuncture, injections, massage, laser and herbal remedies. She has encouraged me to try techniques I have been wary of and has produced great results. She practices with honesty and integrity and really cares about you and obtaining results. I feel very comfortable with her and can talk about anything which is very important for me. Originally from Australia I have a lot of experience with the field and I have not stayed with anyone as long as I have with Nillie. I even still visit her from Cambridgeshire after moving from London and will continue to do so. Highly recommend! .”

Laura Mackenzie

Civil Servant

“I fell down the stairs and two weeks later, I went to pick up the cat and a pain like no other I had ever experienced radiated through my body, so much so that I could barely move. After he laid me flat on the floor, through my tears I managed to tell my boyfriend, Peter that I had remembered a clinic had just opened up at the end of our road. It took me 25 minutes to hobble, supported by Peter, to the end of my road, something that would usually take a minute. I was 28 years old, yet looked like an elderly lady. A lovely lady opened the door; she had managed to squeeze me in, somehow, within two hours of ringing her, something I will always be thankful for. She started the treatment, to this day I am not sure of the names of the machines she used, but it worked and after a few hours after the first session I could get up the stairs. The next day, I had the treatment again and I walked home within 10 minutes and by my 3rd session, 5 days after my initial consultation, I could sit on a chair again. My back spasm was easing at a dramatic rate; something my doctor said would take months to recover from. He also said, that I wouldn't be able to run for at least 3-4 months, he was wrong, thanks to Nillie, and I was back running within the month! So, if you experience the acute pain I did, there is no one better than Nillie, to ease your pain, she is extremely experienced and uses a combination of treatments that are tailor made to you and your needs. She is also very caring with regular follow up calls and maintenance checks, so that you really do know that she wants you to get better. I would give Nillie and the West London Clinic 10 out 10 and if my testimonial is not enough to convince you, please read my partner's; Peter Hale.”

Elizabeth York

Marketing Consultant

Last Thursday I pulled “Something” in my neck , shoulder area, or maybe it was just a build up of stress and tension. In any event, by Saturday afternoon I was in such excruciating pain that I could hardly move and had a severe headache. I called several places in Chiswick who could not help me at such short notice. Fortunately I managed to get hold of Dr Nillie Teymouri at the West London Clinic. Not only was she prepared to see me at such short notice but she saw me at 8 pm on a Saturday.I spent 2 hours with her in treatment. By Sunday I felt 80% better and by Monday I felt 100% better. She is absolutely fantastic. Not only is she very professional but she is a lovely lady and very personable. She talked me through every step, and listened, not only to me, but to my body. I highly recommend her to anyone who has any form of aches and pains, arthritis and or stress related injuries. .”

Beverly Roberts


I was 25 weeks pregnant and I started to develop mid and lower back pain which was stopping me from sleeping and working. I saw that West London Osteopathy came up highly recommended online so I went to see them. I booked three sessions and felt immediate relief after just the first session. I have just finished my third session and I can honestly say that my back is completely recovered. The treatment was tailored to my own personal needs and requirements. Dr Nillie clearly has a wealth of experience; making me feel welcome and comfortable, clearly explaining the techniques that she’d chosen to use. I will definitely be returning as I know I will be in safe hands for the rest of my pregnancy.”

Emily Rubbert


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